About Judith A. Hoechst, Esq.

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About Reproductive Attorney Judith A. Hoechst

Judith Hoechst practices reproductive law in Colorado. With experience in third party reproduction law, Judith drafts and reviews contracts for surrogacy and for egg, sperm and embryo donation. She also represents individuals and couples desiring to adopt or who need basic estate planning. An attorney since 1988, Judith previously worked in the areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and massive tort litigation. She has been admitted by examination to the State Bars of Ohio, New Mexico and Colorado.

After having a surrogate carry her second child, Judith realized a desire to help others struggling to have families and changed her focus to practicing ART law. She enjoys building relationships with her clients and maintaining contact with them throughout the aspects of the assisted reproductive technology process unique to each couple or individual. Judith works diligently to build relationships with her clients so that the legal process of each ART journey is completed with peace and confidence.

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