Judith Hoechst, reproductive law attorney admitted by examination to the practice of law in Colorado, Ohio and New Mexico.

Judith Hoechst, surrogacy lawyer and addoption attorney

Judith Hoechst is a reproductive law and family formation attorney, a former Pediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU (NICU) nurse, and a parent via surrogacy.

Reproductive Law & Family Formation Legal Services

Initial consultation by phone or in person at no charge

Judith provides personalized reproductive legal services for every part of the family formation & surrogacy process. She represents domestic and international clients from every walk of life who are intended parents via surrogacy, recipient intended parents via donated gametes (ova, sperm)  and donated embryos, gestational and traditional surrogates, and ova, sperm or embryo donors.

Judith has been admitted by examination to the State Bars of Colorado, New Mexico, and Ohio and represents heterosexual or LGBTQ+ clients.