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Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) lawyer representing Intended Parents, Surrogates, and ova, sperm and embryo donors.

Judith Hoechst, reproductive law attorney admitted by examination to the practice of law in Colorado, Ohio and New Mexico.

Judith Hoechst, surrogacy lawyer and addoption attorney

Judith Hoechst is a reproductive law and family formation attorney, a former Pediatric ICU and Neonatal ICU (NICU) nurse, and a parent via surrogacy.

Our Legal Services

Initial consultation by phone or in person at no charge

Judith represents domestic and international clients from every walk of life who are intended parents via surrogacy, recipient intended parents via donated gametes (ova, sperm)  and donated embryos, gestational and traditional surrogates, and ova, sperm or embryo donors. Judith represents heterosexual  or LGBTQ+ clients.

  • Surrogacy contracts
  • Egg donation contracts
  • Sperm donation contracts
  • Embryo donation contracts
  • Parental rights for intended parents:

    Pre and Post Birth Parentage Orders, Birth Certificates, Apostilles, Passport Facilitator Referrals, Agency Referrals, Reproductive Clinic Referrals, Agency Agreement Reviewals for Intended Parents, Donors

  • Adoption (second parent, step-parent, kinship)
  • Birth hospital liaison
  • Birth Hospital Bill Negotiation
  • Drafting agency or clinic agreements
  • Estate planning documents

Who We Represent

Intended Parent(s)

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Gestational carriers

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Egg donors

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Sperm donors

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Embryo donors

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Professional Memberships


“Our experience with Judith Hoechst has been outstanding! Going through the egg donor and surrogacy process was overwhelming at times, but Judith gave us advise, assistance, and valuable information beyond the legal aspects of the process. As a lawyer, she is the absolute best in her field. She is diligent, compassionate and always available for any questions. We felt very lucky working with her.”

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