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We are privileged to assist you legally through your unique path to parenthood.

Assisted Reproduction Technology (ART) lawyer representing Intended Parent(s), egg, sperm and embryo donors.

Judith Hoechst, surrogate lawyer and adoption attorney serving Colorado, Ohio and New Mexico

Judith Hoechst, surrogacy lawyer and addoption attorney

Judith Hoechst is a reproductive law and family foundation attorney, former pediatric and neonatal ICU nurse and proud Intended Parent via surrogacy.

Our Legal Services

Initial 30-minute consultation by phone or in person at no charge

Our clients are domestic, international, LGBTQ+

  • Surrogacy contracts
  • Egg donation contracts
  • Sperm donation contracts
  • Embryo donation contracts
  • Parental rights for intended parents:

    Pre and Post Birth Parentage Orders, Birth Certificates, Apostilles, Passport Facilitator Referrals, Agency Referrals, Reproductive Clinic Referrals, Agency Agreement Reviewals for Intended Parents, Donors

  • Adoption (second parent, step-parent, kinship)
  • Birth hospital liaison
  • Drafting agency or clinic agreements
  • Estate planning documents

Who We Represent

Intended Parent(s)

Gay men hold baby - Intended parents - LGBTQ+ surrogacy services

Gestational carriers

Surrogate mother talks to lawyer and intended parent

Egg donors

Egg donor smiles

Sperm donors

Man riding bike - sperm donor contracts

Embryo donors

Embryo donors look at child

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