Reproductive Law

The Law Office of Judith A. Hoechst is privileged to guide clients through their unique assisted reproduction legal journeys. We are dedicated to helping our clients feel informed, knowledgeable and reassured.

In addition to her more than 25 years of legal experience — including nearly a decade in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law — Judith’s background in nursing and medical negligence law allows her to facilitate positive connections with healthcare professionals at reproductive clinics and collaborative healthcare facilities. Prior to a surrogate delivery, Judith will communicate with the hospital social worker(s), the Labor and Delivery Unit’s nurse manager(s), the legal department, and if requested, the billing department to notify the parties of an upcoming special delivery. She will submit a scanned copy to the hospital of the signed court order of parentage instructing the state’s Department of Vital Statistics to place the Intended Parent(s)’ name(s) on their child’s birth certificate.