Judith Hoechst appreciates the privilege of guiding clients through their unique assisted reproduction legal journeys. She is dedicated to helping clients feel informed, knowledgeable and reassured about their legal representation.

In addition to more than 25 years of legal experience including nearly a decade in Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) law, Judith’s extensive background in neonatal and pediatric nursing and her background in medical negligence law facilitates her positive connections and interactions with  healthcare professionals at reproductive clinics, collaborative healthcare facilities and hospitals as well as with agency managers and caseworkers. In the months prior to a surrogate delivery, Judith contacts appropriate personnel at the birth hospital and facilitates an introduction to the intended parents, surrogate, and her partner/spouse. She submits a scanned copy of the signed court Order determining parentage to the appropriate hospital personnel so that the birth hospital is well aware of who the intended parents are prior to labor and delivery of their child and that their names will be placed on their baby’s birth certificate. This is a notable stress reducer for intended parents.
Twins conceived with assisted reproductive technology