Judith Hoechst is a reproductive lawyer, former pediatric and neonatal ICU nurse, owner of a reproductive law firm and Intended Parent via surrogacy.

Judith Hoechst, Esq.

Assisted Reproduction, Surrogacy & Family Formation Attorney

With her law office in the Denver metro area, Judith has represents clients in Assisted Reproductive Technology law and the complex issues related to family formation since 2010. Caring for infants, children and their parents hasalways been the focus of her dual professional careers. Prior to and while attending law school Judith worked as a Pediatric ICU nurse, a Pediatric and Adolescent Oncology nurse, and a Level IV NICU nurse at several children’s hospitals. For many years she continued to work on weekends in a Level IV NICU while maintaining a busy law practice.

Having experienced infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, Judith was able to have a family through assisted reproduction and with a surrogate carrying her second child. Finding her surrogacy experience to be life-changing, she changed the focus of her law practice from medical negligence and massive tort litigation to Assisted Reproductive Technology and Family Formation Law. With empathy and insight into the formidable issues of loss and emotional pain those struggling with infertility face, Judith feels passionate about representing her clients and advocating on theirbehalf. She has worked with ART colleagues, RESOLVE and Colorado state representatives and senators drafting and passing ART legislation in Colorado since 2019 including The Colorado Building Families Act, requiring large market insurers controlled by the state of Colorado to cover fertility treatment and fertility preservation; the Unconsented Useof Donor Gametes in Fertility Treatment; and most recently, the Confirmatory Adoption Statute affirming parentage by adoption for married individuals or those in a civil union, often same-sex, who do not give birth but intend to be a parent when a child is conceived by assisted reproduction. Judith initiated and co-drafted the Colorado Surrogacy Agreement Act which puts protections in place for all parties to surrogacy agreements including protecting parentage in gestational and genetic surrogacy arrangements.

While infertility initiated an arduous journey for Judith and her husband to have a family, infertility compelled Judith to serve those who need assisted reproduction or adoption to have a family.