THE parents of a teenager have spoken of the relief they felt for their son after being presented with the option to preserve his fertility while he underwent cancer treatment.

Parents Olivia and Daniel O’Connell are amazed at how well their teenage son has coped with all the repercussions of his cancer treatment.

The seventeen-year-old endured four rounds of chemotherapy to eliminate multiple tumours around his body.

However, before his treatment started the consultant advised his parents to preserve his fertility.

Olivia says her son was diagnosed with classic Hodgkin’s lymphoma in February 2019.

A  month later his oncologist, Dr Michael Capra, urged the family to attend the Merrion Fertility Clinic in Dublin.

Olivia says Dr Capra’s advice made complete sense because of the risk that chemotherapy can reduce the chance of a natural conception.

“It is a comfort to us as parents to know that the option is there for him down the road. If he does want to start a family and if there are any hurdles in the way we know that we can fall back on the Merrion Clinic.”

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