A woman told she could die if she became pregnant due to her cystic fibrosis has become a mother – after her best friend acted as a surrogate.

Emma Graves, from Wolverhampton, gave birth to Harry in November after agreeing to carry Sophie Tristram’s baby for her.

Lockdown made everything difficult as the friends could not see each other.

Mrs Tristram said nothing she could say would put into words how thankful she was for what her friend did.

Although women with cystic fibrosis can give birth, a bacteria in Mrs Tristram’s lungs could have developed into a pneumonia-type illness and proven fatal, she said.

“Every woman thinks that they’re going to be able to carry their own child and to be told that I couldn’t do that took me a long while to get my head around,” Mrs Tristram said.

She and husband Ben had decided to explore the possibility of surrogacy as a “first route” to starting a family.

It was Paul Graves, Emma’s husband, who first suggested his wife might be willing to help.

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